FUSION 2014 Main track
Salamanca 7-10th July, 2014 | Proceedings

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FUSION 2014 Main track sessions

ClassificationStefano Coraluppi, Craig Carthel, Samuel J. Dickerson, Donald Chiarulli, and Steven LevitanFeature-Aided Multiple-Hypothesis Tracking and Classification of Biological Cellsdescarga
ClassificationG. Golino, A. Graziano, A. Farina, W. Mellano, and F. CiaramagliaComparison of identity fusion algorithms using estimations of confusion matricesdescarga
ClassificationWen Cao, Jian Lan, and X. Rong LiJoint Tracking and Classification Based on Recursive Joint Decision and Estimation Using Multi-Sensor Datadescarga
ClassificationYongxin Gao, Yu Liu, and X. Rong LiTracking-Aided Target Classification Using Multi-Hypothesis Sequential Testdescarga

Data associationRoy StreitGenerating Function Derivation of the PDA Filterdescarga
Data associationViet Duc Nguyen, and Tim ClaussenIndividual-Gating-by-Sorting in MHTdescarga
Data associationVictor Romero-Cano, Gabriel Agamennoni, and Juan NietoA Variational Approach to Simultaneous Tracking and Classification of Multiple Objectsdescarga
Data associationShozo Mori, Hui Hoang, Constantino Rago, Michael J. Shea, Patricia L. Davey, Pablo O. Arambel, Chee-Yee Chong, and Steve J. AlterGroup State Estimation Algorithm Using Foliage Penetration GMTI Radar Detectionsdescarga
Data associationArsène Fansi Tchango, Vincent Thomas, Olivier Buffet, Alain Dutech, and Fabien FlacherTracking Multiple Interacting Targets Using a Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filterdescarga

Data Mining and Machine LearningSimon WagnerCombination of Convolutional Feature Extraction and Support Vector Machines for Radar ATRdescarga
Data Mining and Machine LearningZhuo Zhang, and Sanjeev R. KulkarniDetection of Shilling Attacks in Recommender Systems via Spectral Clusteringdescarga
Data Mining and Machine LearningGautam Shroff, Puneet Agarwal, Karamjit Singh, Auon Haidar Kazmi, Sapan Shah, and Avadhut SardeshmukhPrescriptive Information Fusiondescarga
Data Mining and Machine LearningLianmeng Jiao, Thierry Denoeux, and Quan PanFusion of Pairwise Nearest-Neighbor Classifiers Based on Pairwise-Weighted Distance Metric and Dempster-Shafer Theorydescarga
Data Mining and Machine LearningDinh Phung, and Ba-Ngu VoA Random Finite Set Model for Data Clusteringdescarga

Decision SupportSaid Broumi, and Florentin SmarandacheNew Distance and Similarity Measures of Interval Neutrosophic Setsdescarga
Decision SupportFrancesco Castaldo, Francesco A.N. Palmieri, Vahid Bastani, Lucio Marcenaro, and Carlo RegazzoniAbnormal Vessel Behavior Detection in Port Areas Based on Dynamic Bayesian Networksdescarga
Decision SupportNageswara S. V. Rao, Chris Y. T. Ma, Fei He, Jun Zhuang, and David K. Y. YauCyber-Physical Correlations for Infrastructure Resilience: A Game-Theoretic Approachdescarga
Decision SupportJohan Schubert, and Pontus HörlingPreference-based Monte Carlo Weight Assignment for Multiple-criteria Decision Making in Defense Planning*descarga
Decision SupportClaudine Conrado, and Patrick de OudeScenario-Based Reasoning and Probabilistic Models for Decision Supportdescarga

Dempster-Shafer type related methodsFaouzi Sebbak, Farid Benhammadi, M’hamed Mataoui, Sofiane Bouznad, and Yacine AmiratAn Alternative Combination Rule for Evidential Reasoningdescarga
Dempster-Shafer type related methodsJiaojiao Tian, and Peter ReinartzDempster-Shafer fusion based building change detection from satellite stereo imagerydescarga
Dempster-Shafer type related methodsXiaolu Ke, Liyao Ma, and Yong WangWhen and to what extent should two belief functions be discounted?descarga
Dempster-Shafer type related methodsDeqiang Han, Jean Dezert, and Yi YangEvaluations of Evidence Combination Rules in Terms of Statistical Sensitivity and Divergencedescarga
Dempster-Shafer type related methodsRafael C. Núñez, Manohar N. Murthi, and Kamal PremaratneEfficient Computation of DS-Based Uncertain Logic Operations and its Application to Hard and Soft Data Fusiondescarga

Distributed FusionQiang Zhang, Meiqin Liu, Senlin Zhang, and Huayan ChenNode Topology Effect on Target Tracking Based on Underwater Wireless Sensor Networksdescarga
Distributed FusionAdrian N. BishopInformation Fusion via the Wasserstein Barycenter in the Space of Probability Measures: Direct Fusion of Empirical Measures and Gaussian Fusion with Unknown Correlationdescarga
Distributed FusionBin Jia, Khanh D. Pham, Erik Blasch, Dan Shen, Zhonghai Wang, and Genshe ChenCooperative Space Object Tracking using Consensus- based Filtersdescarga
Distributed FusionPankaj Malhotra, Puneet Agarwal, and Gautam ShroffIncremental Entity Fusion from Linked Documentsdescarga
Distributed FusionHuimin Chen, Vesselin P. Jilkov, and X. Rong LiOptimizing Decision Fusion in the Presence of Byzantine Datadescarga
Distributed FusionClaire Laudy, Johann Dreo, and Christophe GouguenheimApplying MapReduce principle to High level information fusiondescarga
Distributed FusionSayandeep Acharya, Ji Wang, and Moshe KamDistributed Decision Fusion using the Neyman-Pearson Criteriondescarga
Distributed FusionYongxin Gao, X. Rong Li, and Enbin SongRobust Linear Estimation Fusion with Allowable Unknown Cross-Covariancedescarga
Distributed FusionJi Wang, Pramod Abichandani, and Moshe KamDecision Fusion for Parallel Sequential Sensorsdescarga
Distributed FusionJingyang Lu, and Ruixin NiuFalse Information Injection Attack on Dynamic State Estimation in Multi-Sensor Systemsdescarga
Distributed trackingHua Lan, Yan Liang, Zengfu Wang, Feng Yang, and Quan PanA Distributed Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for OTHR Multipath Target Trackingdescarga

Distributed trackingVenkata Pathuri Bhuvana, Mario Huemer, and Carlo S. RegazzoniDistributed Object Tracking based on Square Root Cubature H-infinity Information Filterdescarga
Distributed trackingSamir Hachour, François Delmotte, and David MercierA Distributed Solution for Multi-Object Tracking and Classificationdescarga
Distributed trackingSandeep Katragadda, Juan C. SanMiguel, and Andrea CavallaroConsensus protocols for distributed tracking in wireless camera networksdescarga

Fusion applicationsHeidy M. Marin-Castro, Víctor J. Sosa-Sosa, and Iván López-ArévaloA Tree-Based WQI Modeling Approach for Integrating Web Databasesdescarga
Fusion applicationsPedro Luis Galdámez, Angelica Gonzalez Arrieta, and Miguel Ramon RamonEar Recognition using a Hybrid Approach based on Neural Networksdescarga
Fusion applicationsDani Martínez, Javier Moreno, Marcel Tresanchez, Mercè Teixidó, Davinia Font, Antonio Pardo, Santiago Marco, and Jordi PalacínExperimental application of an autonomous mobile robot for gas leak detection in indoor environmentsdescarga
Fusion applicationsRyota Kikuchi, Takashi Misaka, and Shigeru ObayashiData Assimilation for POD Reduced-Order Model– Comparison of PF and EnKFdescarga
Fusion applicationsR. O. Lane, M. Briers, T. M. Cooper, and S. R. MaskellEfficient Data Structures for Large Scale Trackingdescarga
Fusion applicationsChristof Chlebek, and Uwe D. HanebeckPole-based Distance Measure for Change Detection in Linear Dynamic Systemsdescarga
Fusion applicationsBashar I. Ahmad, James Murphy, Patrick M. Langdon, and Simon J. GodsillBayesian Target Prediction From Partial Finger Tracks: Aiding Interactive Displays in Vehiclesdescarga
Fusion applicationsLeszek Kaliciak, Hans Myrhaugz, Ayse Goker, and Dawei SongOn the Duality of Specific Early and Late Fusion Strategiesdescarga

Fusion ManagementKeith Y. K. Leung, Felipe Inostroza, and Martin AdamsEvaluating Set Measurement Likelihoods in Random-Finite-Set SLAMdescarga
Fusion ManagementFelipe Inostrozay, Keith Y. K. Leung, and Martin AdamsSemantic Feature Detection Statistics in Set Based Simultaneous Localization and Mappingdescarga
Fusion ManagementZheng Liu, and Erik BlaschStatistical Analysis of the Performance Assessment Results for Pixel-Level Image Fusiondescarga
Fusion ManagementTim Kubertschak and Mirko Maehlisch, and Hans-Joachim WuenscheTowards an unified architecture for mapping static environmentsdescarga
Fusion ManagementHanlin Yin, Jian Lan, and X. Rong LiRanking Estimation Performance By Estimator Randomization and Attribute Supportdescarga

LocalizationViktor Deleskog, Hans Habberstad, Gustaf Hendeby, David Lindgren, and Niklas WahlströmRobust NLS Sensor Localization using MDS Initializationdescarga
LocalizationWenjie Xu, Franc ̧ois Quitin, Mei Leng, Wee Peng Tay, and Sirajudeen G. RazulDistributed Localization of a Non-cooperative RF Target in NLOS Environmentsdescarga
LocalizationChristoph Degen, Felix Govaers, and Wolfgang KochEmitter Localization Under Multipath Propagation Using a Likelihood Function Decomposition that is Linear in Target Spacedescarga
LocalizationMarek Schikora, Daniel Bender, and Wolfgang KochAirborne Emitter Tracking by Fusing Heterogeneous Bearing Datadescarga

Multi-target trackingLawrence D. Stone, and Stephen L. AndersonMultiple Target Tracking with Quantized Measurements:A Standard Bayesian Approachdescarga
Multi-target trackingTuyet Vu member, and Rob Evans FellowA New Performance metric for Multiple target tracking based on Optimal Subpattern Assignmentdescarga
Multi-target trackingMichael Mertens, and Robert KohlleppelGround Target Tracking with Experimental Data of the PAMIR Systemdescarga
Multi-target trackingEui-Hyuk Lee, Darko Mušicki, and Taek Lyul SongMulti-Sensor Distributed Fusion Based on Integrated Probabilistic Data Associationdescarga
Multi-target trackingAziz Dziri, Marc Duranton, and Roland ChapuisLow Complexity Multi-Target Tracking for Embedded Systemsdescarga
Multi-target trackingUzair Khan, Darko Mušicki, and Taek Lyul SongA Fixed Lag Smoothing IPDA Tracking in Clutterdescarga
Multi-target trackingShiyou Xu, Chaojing Tang, Peiliang Jing, and Zengping ChenEfficient centralized track initiation method for multistatic radardescarga
Multi-target trackingTing Cheng, X. Rong Li, and Zishu HeComparison of Gating Techniques for Maneuvering Target Tracking in Clutterdescarga
Multi-target trackingPing Wang, and Khurram ShafiqueTarget Perceivability for Multi-frame Multi-target Trackingdescarga
Multi-target trackingMengqi Ren, and Ruixin NiuA New Joint Sequential Object Detection and Tracking Approach and Its Performance Analysisdescarga

Multiple-model FilteringGuillaume Trehard, Evangeline Pollard, Benazouz Bradai, and Fawzi NashashibiTracking both pose and status of a traffic light via an Interacting Multiple Model filterdescarga
Multiple-model FilteringRong Yang, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Jack Hong’an Huang, and Gee Wah NgInteracting Multiple Model Unscented Gauss-Helmert Filter for Bearings-only Tracking with State-Dependent Propagation Delaydescarga
Multiple-model FilteringWoo Chan Kim, Darko Mušicki, and Taek Lyul SongAdaptive Mode Transition Matrix for Variable Sampling Timedescarga
Multiple-model FilteringChristopher K. Nebelecky, John L. Crassidis, and Puneet SinglaA Model Error Formulation of the Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation Algorithmdescarga
Multiple-model FilteringMartin Michaelis, Felix Govaers, and Wolfgang KochState Dependent Mode Transition Probabilities with an Application to Acceleration Dependencydescarga
Multiple-model FilteringAbu Sajana Rahmathullah, Lennart Svensson, and Daniel SvenssonMerging-based forward-backward smoothing on Gaussian mixturesdescarga
Multiple-model FilteringRastin Rastgoufard, Vesselin P. Jilkov, and X. Rong LiIncorporating World Information into the IMM Algorithm via State-Dependent Value Assignmentdescarga
Multiple-model FilteringLi Wang, Yan Liang, Xiaoxu Wang, and Linfeng XuGaussian Sum Filter for State Estimation of Markov Jump Nonlinear Systemdescarga
Multiple-model FilteringRichard Linares, John L. Crassidis, and Moriba K. JahSpace Object Classification and Characterization Via Multiple Model Adaptive Estimationdescarga

Nonlinear filteringOndřej Straka, Jindřich Duník, and Miroslav ŠimandlMeasures of Non-Gaussianity in Unscented Kalman Filter Frameworkdescarga
Nonlinear filteringCarlos Huertas, and Reyes Juárez-RamírezFilter Feature Selection Performance: Comparison in High-dimensional Data A theoretical and empirical analysis of most popular algorithmsdescarga
Nonlinear filteringClaude Jauffret, and Annie-Claude Pérez-PignolCramér-Rao-type Lower Bound for a Time of Abrupt Changedescarga
Nonlinear filteringTimothy L. Molloy, and Jason J. FordAsymptotic Minimax Robust and Misspecified Lorden Quickest Change Detection For Dependent Stochastic Processesdescarga
Nonlinear filteringRémy Lopez, and Patrick DanèsA Fixed-Interval Smoother with Reduced Complexity for Jump Markov Nonlinear Systemsdescarga
Nonlinear filteringWuhua Hu, and Wee Peng TayGeneralized Diffusion Adaptation for Energy-constrained Distributed Estimationdescarga
Nonlinear filteringKorbinian Schmid, Felix Ruess, and Darius BurschkaLocal Reference Filter for Life-Long Vision Aided Inertial Navigationdescarga
Nonlinear filteringLinfeng Xu, Yan Liang, Feng Yang, and Quan PanLinearly Constrained Estimation via State Space Decompositiondescarga
Nonlinear filteringDaniel P. Lubey, and Daniel J. ScheeresSupplementing State and Dynamics Estimation with Information from Optimal Control Policiesdescarga
Nonlinear filteringMelih Günay, Umut Orguner, and Mübeccel DemireklerApproximate Chernoff Fusion of Gaussian Mixtures Using Sigma-Pointsdescarga
Nonlinear filteringJulian HörstAnalysis of Likelihood Approximations for Bearings-only Measurementsdescarga
Nonlinear filteringMichael Roth, Gustaf Hendeby, and Fredrik GustafssonEKF/UKF Maneuvering Target Tracking using Coordinated Turn Models with Polar/Cartesian Velocitydescarga
Nonlinear filteringCarsten Fritsche, Emre Özkan, Lennart Svensson, and Fredrik GustafssonA Fresh Look at Bayesian Cram´er-Rao Bounds for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Filteringdescarga
Nonlinear filteringGang Qian, Khurram Shafique, and Ping WangFusion of Nonlinear Motion Dynamics Using Fokker-Planck Equation and Projection Filterdescarga
Nonlinear filteringMustafa Fanaswala, and Vikram KrishnamurthySpatio-Temporal Trajectory Models For Target Trackingdescarga

Particle FiltersFernando J. Iglesias García, Mélanie Bocquel, and Hans DriessenAdvanced IP-MCMC-PF Design Ingredientsdescarga
Particle FiltersT.J. Mateo Sanguino, and F. Ponce GómezEvaluation of a Dispersion-based Adaptive Strategy using KinectTM and Dynamic Particle Filterdescarga
Particle FiltersÁngel F. García-Fernández, Ba-Ngu Vo, and Ba-Tuong VoMCMC-based posterior independence approximation for RFS multitarget particle filtersdescarga
Particle FiltersJaebum Choi, and Markus MaurerHybrid Map-based SLAM with Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filtersdescarga
Particle FiltersPraveen B. Choppala, Paul D. Teal, and Marcus R. FreanParticle filter parallelisation using random network based resamplingdescarga

PHD filtering and related methodsGuanghua Zhang, Feng Lian, Chongzhao Han, and Suying HanAn Improved PHD Filter Based on Variational Bayesian Method for Multi-Target Trackingdescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsTiancheng Li, Shudong Sun, Juan Manuel Corchado, and Ming Fei SiyauA Particle Dyeing Approach for Track Continuity for the SMC-PHD Filterdescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsTiancheng Li, Shudong Sun, Juan Manuel Corchado, and Ming Fei SiyauRandom Finite Set-based Bayesian Filters Using Magnitude-adaptive Target Birth Intensitydescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsGustaf Hendeby, and Rickard KarlssonGaussian Mixture PHD Filtering with Variable Probability of Detectiondescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsHongyan Zhu, Tingting Ma, Shuo Chen, and Wen JiangA Random Matrix Based Method for Tracking Multiple Extended Targetsdescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsChristoph Degen, Felix Govaers, and Wolfgang KochTracking Targets with Multiple Measurements per Scandescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsMichael Beard, Ba Tuong Vo, and Ba-Ngu VoMulti-target Tracking with Merged Measurements Using Labelled Random Finite Setsdescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsPraveen B. Choppala, Paul D. Teal, and Marcus R. FreanAdapting the multi-Bernoulli filter to phased array observations using MUSIC as pseudo-likelihooddescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsLennart Svensson, and Mark MorelandeTarget tracking based on estimation of sets of trajectoriesdescarga
PHD filtering and related methodsAli Önder Bozdoğan, and Murat Efe, Roy StreitA New Heuristic for Multisensor PHD Filterdescarga

Sensor NetworksAlla Tarighati, and Joakim Jald´enA General Method for the Design of Tree Networks Under Communication Constraintsdescarga
Sensor NetworksHaj Chhadé Hiba, Abdallah Fahed, Mougharbel Imad, Gning Amadou, Mihaylova Lyudmila, and Julier SimonMultiple land mines localization using a wireless sensor networkdescarga
Sensor NetworksJohn B. Collins, and Steven T. SmithNetwork Discovery For Uncertain Graphsdescarga
Sensor NetworksQiang Liu, Xin Wang, and Nageswara S. V. RaoInformation Feedback for Estimation and Fusion in Long-Haul Sensor Networksdescarga
Sensor registrationLingji Chen, and Ravi RavichandranAutomated Track Projection Bias Removal Using Frechet Distance and Road Networksdescarga
Sensor registrationHongyan Zhu, Chen Wang, Wen Jiang, Chongzhao Hand, and Yan LinIntegrated Data Association and Bias Estimation in the Presence of Missed Detectionsdescarga
Sensor registrationJunjun Guo, Xianghui Yuan, and Chongzhao HanA time-differential measurement based algorithm for multi-sensor target trackingdescarga
Sensor registrationYoung-Woo Seo, and Ragunathan (Raj) RajkumarDetection and Tracking of Boundary of Unmarked Roadsdescarga
Sensor registrationCheng Cheng, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Quan Pan, and Vincent CalmettesA Marginalized Likelihood Ratio Approach for Detecting and Estimating Multipath Biases on GNSS Measurementsdescarga

Signal ProcessingYing-Gui Wang, Le Yang, Zheng Liu, Fu-Cheng Guo, and Wen-Li JiangCompressive Detection of Stochastic Signals with the Measurement Matrix not Necessarily Orthonormaldescarga
Signal ProcessingMontse Vilarrubí, Marcel Tresanchez, Dani Martínez, Javier Moreno, Juan Antonio Garriga, Francisco Clarià, Joan Julià-Muné, and Jordi PalacínTime domain detection of pure vowel sounds for simplified computer interactiondescarga
Signal ProcessingMitul Mehta, Elias J. Griffith, and Jason F. RalphGeometric Separation of Superimposed Images with Varying Fields-of-viewdescarga
Signal ProcessingMayazzurra Ruggiano, Melanie Bocquel, and Hans DriessenMultiple Model Sequential MCMC for Jump Markov Systemsdescarga
Signal ProcessingRodrigo González, Gustavo Sutter, and Héctor Daniel PatiñoOptimized UD filtering algorithm for floating-point hardware executiondescarga
Signal ProcessingIliana Papamarkou, Nikos Papamarkos, and Sofia TheochariA novel image sharpening technique based on 2D-DWT and image fusiondescarga
Signal ProcessingRicardo Sanz, Pedro García, Pedro Castillo, and Pedro AlbertosTime-delay Compensation Using Inertial Measurement Sensors for Quadrotor Control Systemsdescarga
Signal ProcessingSayandeep Acharya, Arjun Rajasekar, Barry S. Shendery, Leonid Hrebien, and Moshe KamPulse Oximeter Signal Modeling and Fusion for Hypoxia Monitoringdescarga
Signal ProcessingQi Zhou, and Zhansheng DuanWeighted Intersections of Bearing Lines for AOA Based Localizationdescarga

Situation AssessmentHildegarde Koen, JP de Villiers, Gregor Pavlin, Alta de Waal, Patrick de Oude, and Franck MignetA framework for inferring predictive distributions of rhino poaching events through causal modellingdescarga
Situation AssessmentVirginia Fernandez Arguedas, Giuliana Pallottay, and Michele VespeAutomatic Generation of Geographical Networks for Maritime Traffic Surveillancedescarga
Situation AssessmentMaria Riveiro, Mikael Lebram, and Håkan WarstonOn visualizing threat evaluation configuration processes: a design proposaldescarga
Situation AssessmentEric Little, Mark Wallace, and Scott CamdenEnabling Portable Cloud-based Semantics for Fusing Intelligence Analysis at the Tactical Edgedescarga
Situation AssessmentMagnus Jändel, Pontus Svenson, and Ronnie JohanssonFusing restricted informationdescarga

Track-Before DetectGozde Sahin, and Mubeccel DemireklerA Multi-Dimensional Hough Transform Algorithm Based on Unscented Transform as a Track-Before-Detect Methoddescarga
Track -Before DetectRui Liu, Wei Yi, Lingjiang Kong, and Xiaobo YangRecursive Filtering for Target Tracking in Multi-frame Track-Before-Detectdescarga
Track-Before DetectAugustin-Alexandru Saucan, Christophe Sintes, Thierry Chonavel, and Jean-Marc Le CaillecRobust, track before detect particle filter for bathymetric sonar applicationdescarga
Track-Before DetectFei Cai, Hongqi Fan, and Qiang FuTrack-before-detect filter for sensors with point spread function using thresholded measurementsdescarga
Track-Before DetectB. Fortin, R. Lherbier, and J.C. NoyerA Track-Before-Detect Approach for Extended Target Tracking in Multi-Lidar Systems using a Low-Level Centralized Fusion Frameworkdescarga
Uncertainty ManagementJean Dezert, Albena Tchamova, Deqiang Han, and Jean-Marc TacnetCan we trust subjective logic for information fusion?descarga

Uncertainty ManagementShang Shang, Tiance Wang, Paul Cuff, and Sanjeev KulkarniThe Application of Differential Privacy for Rank Aggregation: Privacy and Accuracydescarga
Uncertainty ManagementNorikazu Ikoma, and Hiromu HasegawaFusion of Multi-modal Features in Particle Filter with Dual Weight of Belief and Plausibility for Track-Before-Detect Multiple Target Trackingdescarga
Uncertainty ManagementTodd Martin, and Kuo-Chu ChangSituational awareness uncertainty impacts on Dynamic Spectrum Access performancedescarga
Uncertainty ManagementMarcos P. Gerardo-Castro, Thierry Peynot, Fabio Ramos, and Robert FitchRobust Multiple-Sensing-Modality Data Fusion using Gaussian Process Implicit Surfacesdescarga

Video surveillanceYechuan Yeo, Xinghu Zhang, and Rong YangA Perception System for Obstacle Detection and Tracking in Rural, Unstructured Environmentdescarga
Video surveillanceJason J. Ford, Timothy L. Molloy, and Joanne L. HallCompressed sensing using hidden Markov models with application to vision based aircraft trackingdescarga
Video surveillanceAndrea Mazzu, Simone Chiappino Lucio Marcenaro, and Carlo S. RegazzoniA switching fusion filter for dim point target tracking in infra-red video sequencesdescarga
Video surveillanceVesselin P. Jilkov, X. Rong Li, and Jeffrey H. LedetImproved Estimation of Conflict Probability for Aircraft Collision Avoidancedescarga
Video surveillanceS. Wang, J. Orwell, and G. HunterEvaluation of Bayesian and Dempster-Shafer Approaches to Fusion of Video Surveillance Informationdescarga

Special Session 01-ETUR - Evaluation of Technologies for Uncertainty Reasoning

Valentina DragosAssessment of uncertainty in soft data: a case studydescarga
Erik Blasch, Audun Jøsang, Jean Dezert, Paulo C. G. Costa, and Anne-Laure JousselmeURREF Self-Confidence in Information Fusion Trustdescarga
Max KrügerDetection of Failing Sensors by Conflicting Evidence in Bayesian Classificationdescarga
J. P. de Villiers, G. Pavlin, P. Costa, K. Laskey, and A.-L. JousselmeA URREF interpretation of Bayesian network information fusiondescarga
Anne-Laure Jousselme, Anne-Claire Boury-Brisset, Benoît Debaque, and Donald PrévostCharacterization of hard and soft sources of information: A practical illustrationdescarga

Special Session 02-DA - Data Assimilation for Big Data

Hiroshi KatoAn Approach to Representing Turbulent Flows by Data Assimilationdescarga
Kamil Dedecius, and Vladiḿıra SečkárováDistributed Modelling of Big Dynamic Data with Generalized Linear Modelsdescarga
Hiromichi NagaoWhat is Required for Data Assimilation that is Applicable to Big Data in the Solid Earth Science?descarga
Masaya M. Saito, Seiya Imoto, Rui Yamaguchi, Satoru Miyano, and Tomoyuki HiguchiParameter estimation in multi-compartment SIR modeldescarga
B. Balasingam, M. S. Sankavaram, K. Choi, D. F. M. Ayala, D. Sidoti, K. Pattipati and P. Willett, C. Lintz, G. Commeau, F. Dorigo, and J. FahrnyOnline Anomaly Detection in Big Datadescarga

Special Session 03-PHSIF - Progress in hard and soft information fusion

Kui Wu, Wenyin Tang and K.Z. Mao, Gee-Wah Ng, and Lee Onn MakSemantic-level Fusion of Heterogenous Sensor Network and Other Sources Based on Bayesian Networkdescarga
Jeff Rimland, David Hall, and Steven ShafferA Hitchhiker’s Guide to Developing Software for Hard and Soft Information Fusiondescarga
Jacob Graham, William R. Grace, and A. Kiran SridharaBeyond SYNCOIN: Informational Requirements for the Three-Block Wardescarga
Donald J. Bucci, Sayandeep Acharya, and Moshe KamPerformance of M-ary Soft Fusion Systems Using Simulated Human Responsesdescarga
Donald J. Bucci, Sayandeep Acharya, Timothy J. Pleskacy, and Moshe KamPerformance of Probability Transformations Using Simulated Human Opinionsdescarga
Erik Blasch, James Nagy, Alex Aved, William M. PottengerMichael Schneider, Riad Hammoud, Eric K. Jones, Arslan Basharat, Anthony Hoogs, Genshe Chen, Dan Shen, and Haibin LingContext aided Video-to-Text Information Fusiondescarga
Geoff A. Gross, Ketan Date, Daniel R. Schlegel, Jason J. Corso, James Llinas, Rakesh Nagi, and Stuart C. ShapiroSystemic Test and Evaluation of a Hard+Soft Information Fusion Frameworkdescarga
Ketan Date, Geoff A. Gross, and Rakesh NagiTest and Evaluation of Data Association Algorithms in Hard+Soft Data Fusiondescarga
Ranga Dabarera, Rafael C. Núñez, Kamal Premaratne, and Manohar N. MurthiDynamics of Belief Theoretic Agent Opinions Under Bounded Confidencedescarga
Guoray Cai, and Jake GrahamSemantic Data Fusion Through Visually-enabled Analytical Reasoningdescarga

Special Session 04-DFITS - Data Fusion in Intelligent Transport Systems

Julien Moras, Véronique Cherfaoui, and Philippe BonnifaitEvidential Grids Information Management in Dynamic Environmentsdescarga
Gabriel Agamennoni, James R. Ward, Stewart Worrall, and Eduardo M. NebotBayesian Model-based Sequence Segmentation for Inferring Primitives in Driving-behavioral Datadescarga
Víctor Flores, Mario Mata, Javier Fernandez, Nourdine Aliane, and Enrique PuertasA multi-agent, in-vehicle database recorder system for supporting traffic hotspots detection, geographical representation and analysisdescarga
Jan Thomanek, and Gerd WanielikA New Pixel-based Fusion Framework to Enhance Object Detection in Automotive Applicationsdescarga
Richard Matthaei, Gerrit Bagschik, Jens Rieken, and Markus MaurerStationary Urban Environment Modeling using Multi-Layer-Gridsdescarga
Nourdine Aït Tmazirte, Maan E. El Najjar, Joelle Al Hage, Cherif Smaili, and Denis PomorskiFast Multi Fault Detection & Exclusion Approach for GNSS Integrity Monitoringdescarga
Germán Gutierrez, José Antonio Iglesias, Francisco Javier Ordoñez, Agapito Ledezma, and Araceli Sanchis.Agent-Based Framework for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Urban Environmentsdescarga
Xavier Sevillano, Elena Màrmol, and Virginia Fernandez-ArguedasTowards Smart Traffic Management Systems: Vacant On-Street Parking Spot Detection Based on Video Analyticsdescarga
Jean-Philippe Lauffenburger, Jérémie Daniel, and Mohammed BoumedieneTraffic Sign Recognition: Benchmark of Credal Object Association Algorithmsdescarga
C. H. Rodríguez-Garavito, A. Ponz, F. García, D. Martín, A. de la Escalera, and J.M. ArmingolAutomatic Laser And Camera Extrinsic Calibration for Data Fusion Using Road Planedescarga
Dominik Nuss, Markus Thom, Andreas Danzer, and Klaus DietmayerFusion of Laser and Monocular Camera Data in Object Grid Maps for Vehicle Environment Perceptiondescarga
Jorge Othón Esparza-Jiménez, Michel Devy, and J. L. GordilloEKF-based SLAM fusing heterogeneous landmarksdescarga
F. Garcia, A. Prioletti, P. Cerri, A. Broggi, A. de la Escalera, and J.M. ArmingolVisual Feature Tracking Based on PHD Filter for Vehicle Detectiondescarga
Ariel Vernaza, Agapito Ledezma, and Araceli SanchisSimul-A2: Agent-based Simulator for evaluate ADA Systemsdescarga

Special Session 05-MLF - Multi-Level Fusion: bridging the gap between high and low level fusion

Horacio Paggi, Éloi Bossé, Mihai Cristian Florea, and Basel SolaimanOn The Use of Holonic Agents In The Design Of Information Fusion Systemsdescarga
Zhuoyun Ao, Jason Scholz, and Martin OxenhamA Scientific Inquiry Fusion Theory for High-Level Information Fusiondescarga
Dave Braines, Alun Preece, Geeth de Mel, and Tien PhamEnabling CoIST Users: D2D at the Network Edgedescarga
Daniel de Leng, and Fredrik HeintzTowards On-Demand Semantic Event Processing for Stream Reasoningdescarga
Joachim Biermann, Jesus Garcia, Ksawery Krenc, Vincent Nimier, Kellyn Rein, and Lauro SnidaroMulti-level Fusion of Hard and Soft Informationdescarga
Valentina Dragos, and Kellyn ReinIntegration of soft data for information fusion: pitfalls, challenges and trendsdescarga
David Griol, José Manuel Molina, and Jesús García-HerreroProcessing and fusioning multiple heterogeneous information sources in multimodal dialog systemsdescarga
Cheol Young Park, Kathryn Blackmond Laskey, Paulo C. G. Costa, and Shou MatsumotoPredictive Situation Awareness Reference Model using Multi-Entity Bayesian Networksdescarga

Special Session 06-CIF - Context-based Information Fusion

M. Podt, M. Bootsvelda, Y. Boers, and F. PapiExploiting Imprecise Constraints in Particle Filtering Based Target Trackingdescarga
Fernando Terroso-Saenz, Mercedes Valdes-Vela, and Antonio F. Skarmeta-GomezDesign of an Event-based Architecture for the Intra-vehicular Context Perceptiondescarga
Giuliana Pallotta, Steven Horn, Paolo Braca, and Karna BryanContext-Enhanced Vessel Prediction Based On Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes Using Historical AIS Traffic Patterns: Real-World Experimental Resultsdescarga
Claude Aynaud, Coralie Bernay-Angeletti, Roland Chapuis, Romuald Aufrère, Christophe Debain, and Nadir KaramReal-Time vehicle localization using a top-down processdescarga
Alya Itani, Jean-Marc Le Caillec, Bassel Solaiman, and Ali HamiéHybrid Probability-Possibility Decision Support Systems for Merging Technical Indicesdescarga
Zhenlu Jin, Xuezhi Wang, Mark Morelande, William Moran, Quan Pan, and Chunhui ZhaoLandmark Selection for Scene Matching with Knowledge of Color Histogramdescarga
Enrique Martí, Borja González, Alvaro Luis, Jesús García, José M. Molina, and Irene López GarcíaGeographic context configuration in fusion algorithms for maritime surveillancedescarga
David Griol, Jesús García-Herrero, and José Manuel MolinaA novel approach for data fusion and dialog management in user-adapted multimodal dialog systemsdescarga
Alberto Pérez, Pablo Chamoso, Víctor Parra, and Antonio Juan SánchezGround Vehicle Detection Through Aerial Images Taken by a UAVdescarga
Enrique Martí, Jesús García, and José M. MolinaNavigation capabilities of mid-cost GNSS/INS vs. smartphone Analysis and Comparison in Urban Navigation scenariosdescarga
Zhenlu Jin, Xuezhi Wang, William Moran, Quan Pan, and Chunhui ZhaoEfficient Scene Matching Using Salient Regions Under Spatial Constraintsdescarga
Alan N. Steinberg, Christopher L. Bowman, Gary Haith, and Erik BlaschAdaptive Context Assessment and Context Managementdescarga
Nayat Sanchez-Pi, Luis Martí, José Manuel Molina, and Ana Cristina Bicharra GarciaAn Information Fusion Framework for Context-based Accidents Preventiondescarga

Special Session 07-DMKDIF - Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Information Fusion

Eduardo Correa GonçalvesA Human-Centered Approach for Mining Hybrid-Dimensional Association Rulesdescarga
Miguel Ángel Abad,João Bártolo Gomes, and Ernestina MenasalvasRecurring Concept Detection for Spam Filteringdescarga
Mikel Galar, Edurne Barrenechea, Alberto Fernández, and Francisco HerreraEnhancing Difficult Classes in One-vs-One Classifier Fusion Strategy using Restricted Equivalence Functionsdescarga
Zhun-ga Liu, Quan Pan, Jean Dezert, Gregoire Mercier, and Yong LiuFuzzy-belief K-nearest neighbor classifier for uncertain datadescarga
Fabio Mazzarella, Michele Vespe, Dimitrios Damalas, and Giacomo OsioDiscovering Vessel Activities at Sea using AIS Data: Mapping of Fishing Footprintsdescarga
Ashley McAbee, James Scrofani, Murali Tummala, David Garren, and John McEachenTraffic Pattern Detection Using the Hough Transformation for Anomaly Detection to Improve Maritime Domain Awarenessdescarga
Rafael Falcon and Rami Abielmona, and Erik BlaschBehavioral Learning of Vessel Types with Fuzzy-Rough Decision Treesdescarga
Vicenç Torra, Yasuo Narukawa, Toho Gakuen, and Daniel AbrilComparing fuzzy measures through their M¨obius transformdescarga
Sandra Escudero, Angel L. Garrido, and Sergio IlarriObtaining Knowledge from the Web using Fusion and Summarization Techniquesdescarga
María N. Moreno García, Félix Martín González, and Javier González RobledoMining patient data from heterogeneous sources for decision making on administration of non invasive mechanical ventilation in intensive care unitsdescarga
M. Dolores Ruiz, Juan G´omez-Romero, and Maria J. Martin-BautistaMeta-Association Rules for Fusing Regular Association Rules from Different Databasesdescarga
Victor Aranda, Julio Calero, Francisco Comino, Arturo Montejo, and Jose-Maria SerranoKnowledge fusion in the Agro-environmental Field: A Global Index for Soil Quality in Olive groves from Quantitative and Qualitative Variablesdescarga

Special Session 08-IIF - Intelligent Information Fusion

Xin-de Li, Jin-dong Pan, and Jean DezertAutomatic Aircraft Recognition using DSmT and HMMdescarga
Xiao-Hong Yu, Qing-Jun Zhou, Yan-Li Li, Jin An, and Zhi-Cheng LiuA New Self-Adaptive Fusion Algorithm Based on DST and DSmTdescarga
Ralf Bruns, Jurgen Dunkel, Holger Billhardt, Marin Lujak, and Sascha OssowskiUsing Complex Event Processing to Support Data Fusion for Ambulance Coordinationdescarga
Claudio Farias, Luci Pirmez, Flávia Delicato, Luiz Carmo, Wei Li, Albert Y. Zomaya, and José N. de SouzaMultisensor Data Fusion in Shared Sensor and Actuator Networksdescarga
Zhao Chunhui, Wang Rongzhi, Zhang Tianwu, and Pan QuanVisual Odometry and Scene Matching Integrated Navigation System in UAVdescarga
Zhun-ga Liua, Quan Pan, Gregoire Mercier, and Jean DezertPattern classification with missing data using belief functionsdescarga
Sigeru Omatu, Daigo Hayashi, and Mitsuaki YanoOdor Classification of Wines by UsingNeural Networksdescarga
Sara Rodríguez, Carolina Zato, Tiancheng Li, and Juan Manuel CorchadoFusion System based on Multi-agent Systems to merge data from WSNdescarga
Liang Yu,Yong-mei Cheng, Lin Song, Zhun-ga Liu, and Ke-zhe ChenUnderwater Acoustic Multi-target Recognition Algorithm Based on Hierarchical Information Fusion Structuredescarga
Antonio Juan Sánchez Martín, Fernando De La Prieta Pintado, and Giovanni De GasperisFixing and evaluating texts: Mixed text reconstruction method for data fusion environmentsdescarga
Emilia López-Iñesta, Miguel Arevalillo-Herráez, and Francisco GrimaldoClassification-based multimodality fusion approach for similarity rankingdescarga
Gabriel Villarrubia, Juan Francisco De Paz Santana, Fernando De la Prieta, and Javier BajoHybrid Indoor Location System for Museum Tourist Routes in Augmented Realitydescarga
Gabriel Villarrubia, Juan Francisco De Paz Santana, Javier Bajo, and Juan M. CorchadoOpen multi-agent architecture for information fusiondescarga
Pablo Chamoso, Alberto Pérez, Sara Rodríguez, Juan M. Corchado, Mireia Sempere, Ramón Rizo, Fidel Aznar, and Mar PujolModeling Oil-Spill Detection with Multirotor Systems Based on Multi-Agent Systemsdescarga
Alvaro Luis Bustamante, Jose M. Molina, and Miguel A. PatricioInformation fusion as input source for improving multi-agent system autonomous decision-making in maritime surveillance scenariosdescarga

Special Session 09-MT - Multistatic Tracking

Wenbo Dou, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Peter Willett, and Xiufeng SongInitialization and Tracking Using Doppler-Biased Multistatic Time-of-Arrival Measurements with Linear Frequency Modulated Waveformsdescarga
David Frederic CrouseSimulating Targets near a Curved Earthdescarga
Salvatore Maresca, Paolo Braca, Raffaele Grasso, and Jochen HorstmannMultiple Oceanographic HF Surface-Wave Radars Applied to Maritime Surveillancedescarga
Kolja Pikora, and Frank EhlersTracking Performance Loss due to False Associations of Contacts from Semi-Coherent Signal Processing Chainsdescarga
Sofia Suvorova, Mark Morelande, Bill Moran, Sergey Simakov, and Fiona FletcherPing scheduling for multistatic sonar systemsdescarga
David W. Krout, and Thomas PowersSensor Management for Multistaticsdescarga
Thomas Powers, Les Atlas, Evan Hanusa, and David W. KroutTrack to Track Fusion: PACsim Data Setdescarga
Paolo Braca, Ryan Goldhahn, Kevin D. LePage, Stefano Marano, Vincenzo Matta, and Peter WillettCognitive Multistatic AUV Networksdescarga
Zhao Kongrui, Zhou Gongjian, Yu Changjun, and Quan TaifanTarget Flying Mode Identification and Altitude Estimation in Bistatic T/R-R HFSWRdescarga
Garfield R. MellemaFeature-Aided Tracking in Dense Clutter Using the Clutter09 Data Setdescarga
Piotr Krysik, Maciej Wielgo, Jacek Misiurewicz, and Anna KurowskaDoppler-only tracking in GSM-based passive radardescarga
Xiaohua Li, Marcus Baum, Peter Willett, and Ya’an LiEvaluation of the PMHT Approach for Passive Radar Tracking with Unknown Transmitter Associationsdescarga

Special Session 10-IFMBS - Information Fusion in Multi-Biometric Systems

R. Raghavendra, and Christoph BuschRobust 2D/3D face mask presentation attack detection scheme by exploring multiple features and comparison score level fusiondescarga
Daniele Landro, Giovanni De Gasperis, Giuseppe Stifano, and Guido MacchiarelliAn adaptive learning agent integrated in a collaborative portal for advanced training in the biomedical fielddescarga
Moazzam Butt, Naser Damer, and Christian RathgebPrivacy Preserved Duplicate Check using Multi-biometric Fusiondescarga
Naser Damer, Alexander Opel, and Alexander NouakCMC Curve Properties and Biometric Source Weighting in Multi-Biometric Score-level Fusiondescarga
Audun Jøsang, and Thorvald H. Munch-MøllerBiometric Data Fusion Based on Subjective Logicdescarga

Session 11-MDLT - Multi-target Detection, Localization and Tracking

Thyagaraju Damarla, and W. C. Kirkpatrick Alberts IIHelicopter Tracking Using Acoustic Arraysdescarga
Meiqin Liu, Tongyang Jiang, Xie Wang, and Senlin ZhangPerformance Comparison of Several Nonlinear Multi-Bernoulli Filters for Multi-Target Filteringdescarga
Amirali K. Gostar, Reza Hoseinnezhad, and Alireza Bab-HadiasharSensor Control for Multi-Object Tracking Using Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filterdescarga
Christian Heigele, Holger Mielenz, Joerg Heckel, and Dieter SchrammAccurate and Fast Localization in Unstructured Environment Based on Shape Context Keypointsdescarga
Luis Úbeda-Medina, Ángel F. García-Fernández, and Jesús GrajalGeneralizations of the auxiliary particle filter for multiple target trackingdescarga
Huilong Zhang, Benoîte de Saporta, and François DufourOptimal Trajectories for Underwater Vehicles by Quantization and Stochastic Controldescarga
Mark E. Silbert, and Craig S. AgateNew Metrics for Quantifying Data Association Performancedescarga
James Murphy, and Simon GodsillRoad-Assisted Multiple Target Tracking in Clutterdescarga
Richard W. Osborne, III, Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Jemin George, and Lance KaplanData Fusion from Multiple Passive Sensors for Multiple Shooter Localization via Assignmentdescarga
Nikolay Petrov, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Allan de Freitas, and Amadou GningCrowd Tracking with Box Particle Filteringdescarga
G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, C. Fantacci, N. Forti, A. Farina, and A. GrazianoDistributed peer-to-peer multitarget tracking with association-based track fusiondescarga
Kun Zhao, Mirko Meuter, Stefan Mueller-Schneiders, and Josef PauliA Novel Multi-Hypothesis Tracking Framework for Lane Recognizationdescarga
Liu Jing, Han DeQiang, Han ChongZhao, and Guo TongXingAdaptive Compressed Sensing Based Joint Detection and Tracking Algorithm for Airborne Radars with High Resolutiondescarga
Yue Ai, Wei Yi, Mark R. Morelande, and Lingjiang KongJoint multi-target detection and localization with a noncoherent statistical MIMO radardescarga
Jemin George, Socrates Deligeorges, and George CakiadesMulti-Shooter Localization using Finite Point Processdescarga
Abu Sajana Rahmathullah, Lennart Svensson, and Daniel SvenssonTwo-filter Gaussian mixture smoothing with posterior pruningdescarga
Khalid Yousif, Alireza Bab-Hadiashar, and Reza HoseinnezhadA Real-Time RGB-D Registration and Mapping Approach by Heuristically Switching Between Photometric and Geometric Informationdescarga
Stephan Reuter, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo, and Klaus DietmayerMulti-Object Tracking Using Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Random Finite Setsdescarga
Xionghu Zhong, Wenwu Wang, Mohsen Naqvi, and Eng Siong ChngA Bayesian Performance Bound for Time-Delay of Arrival based Acoustic Source Tracking in a Reverberant Environmentdescarga
Ming Lei, Zhongliang Jing, and Peng DongExtended GM-PHD Filter For Multitarget Tracking in Nonlinear/Non-Gaussian Systemdescarga
Benjamin Pannetier, Jean Dezert, and Geneviève SellaMultiple target tracking with wireless sensor network for ground battlefield surveillancedescarga
Volkan Kılıç, Xionghu Zhong, Mark Barnard, Wenwu Wang, and Josef KittlerAudio-Visual Tracking of a Variable Number of Speakers with a Random Finite Set Approachdescarga
Ata-ur-Rehman, Syed Mohsen Naqvi, Lyudmila Mihaylova, and Jonathon A. ChambersMulti-target Tracking by Using Particle Filtering and a Social Force Modeldescarga
Weifeng Liu, and Chenglin WenThe Fast Linear Multisensor RFS-multitarget Tracking Filtersdescarga
Lan Jiang, Sumeetpal S. Singh, and Sinan YıldırımA New Particle Filtering algorithm for Multiple Target Tracking with Non-linear Observationsdescarga

Special Session 12-ASPF - Advanced Sigma-Point Filters: Analysis, Sigma-Point Set Design, and Applications

Jindřich Duník, Ondřej Straka, and Miroslav ŠimandlOn Sigma-Point Set Rotation in Derivative-Free Filtersdescarga
Jindřich Duník, Ondřej Straka, Miroslav Šimandl, and Erik BlaschComparison of Adaptive and Randomized Unscented Kalman Filter Algorithmsdescarga
Juho Kokkala, Arno Solin, and Simo SärkkäExpectation Maximization Based Parameter Estimation by Sigma-Point and Particle Smoothingdescarga
Ángel F. García-Fernández, Lennart Svensson, and Mark R. MorelandeIterated statistical linear regression for Bayesian updatesdescarga
Xiaoxu Wang, and Quan PanNonlinear Gaussian Filter with the Colored Measurement Noisedescarga
Simo Särkkä, Jouni Hartikainen, Lennart Svensson, and Fredrik SandblomGaussian Process Quadratures in Nonlinear Sigma-Point Filtering and Smoothingdescarga
Igor Gilitschenski, Jannik Steinbring, Uwe D. Hanebeck, and Miroslav ŠimandlDeterministic Dirac Mixture Approximation of Gaussian Mixturesdescarga
Yang Cheng, Yang Tian, and John L. CrassidisExtension of the Sparse Grid Quadrature Filterdescarga
Jian Lan, and X. Rong LiNonlinear Estimation by Linear Estimation with Augmentation of Uncorrelated Conversiondescarga
Uwe D. HanebeckSample Set Design for Nonlinear Kalman Filters Viewed as a Moment Problemdescarga

Special Session 13-SSRM - Sensor Scheduling and Resources Management

Teun H. de Groot, Oleg A. Krasnov, and Alexander G. YarovoyMission-driven Sensor Management based on Expected-Utility and Prospect Objectivesdescarga
Teun H. de Groot, Oleg A. Krasnov, and Alexander G. YarovoyMission-driven Resource Allocation based on Subjective Input with Extra Level of Uncertaintydescarga
Joris Sijs, Leon Kester, and Benjamin NoackA study on event triggering criteria for estimationdescarga
Hadi Jamali-Rad, Andrea Simonetto, Geert Leus, and Xiaoli MaSparsity-Aware Sensor Selection for Correlated Noisedescarga
John D. Glass, W. D. Blair, and Yaakov Bar-ShalomOptimizing Radar Signal to Noise Ratio for Tracking Maneuvering Targetsdescarga
Leon Kester, and Maarten DitzelMaximising Effectiveness of Distributed Mobile Observation Systems in Dynamic Situationsdescarga
Xiangyang Liu, and John S. BarasUsing Trust in Distributed Consensus with Adversaries in Sensor and Other Networksdescarga
Vikram KrishnamurthyPOMDP Sensor Scheduling with Adaptive Samplingdescarga

Special Session 14-HMPBE - Homotopy Methods for Progressive Bayesian Estimation

Kai Kang, Vasileios Maroulas, and Ioannis D. SchizasDrift Homotopy Particle Filter for non-Gaussian Multi-target Trackingdescarga
Jannik Steinbring, and Uwe D. HanebeckProgressive Gaussian Filtering Using Explicit Likelihoodsdescarga
Kristine L. Bell, and Lawrence D. StoneImplementation of the Homotopy Particle Filter in the JPDA and MAP-PF Multi-Target Tracking Algorithmsdescarga

Special Session 15-DE - Directional Estimation

Bryan StanfillRobust Statistical Methods for the Rotation Groupdescarga
Gerhard Kurz, Igor Gilitschenski, and Uwe HanebeckDeterministic Approximation of Circular Densities with Symmetric Dirac Mixtures Based on Two Circular Momentsdescarga
Ivan Markovíć, Mario Bukal, Josip Ćesić, and Ivan PetrovićDirection-only tracking of moving objects on the unit sphere via probabilistic data associationdescarga
Igor Gilitschenski, Gerhard Kurz, Simon J. Juliery, and Uwe D. HanebeckA New Probability Distribution for Simultaneous Representation of Uncertain Position and Orientationdescarga
Jean-Christophe Kucwaj, Georges Stienne, Serge Reboul, Jean-Bernard Choquel, and Mohammed BenjellounCircular multiple change-points estimation applied to the GPS-L2C phase signaldescarga

Special Session 16-DFMILPO - Data Fusion Methods for Indoor Localization of People and Objects

Philipp Müller, Matti Raitoharju, and Robert PichéA Field Test of Parametric WLAN-Fingerprint-Positioning Methodsdescarga
Xiaoxue Feng, Hichem Snoussi, and Yan LiangConstrained Extended Kalman Filter for Ultra-Wideband Radio based Individual Navigationdescarga
Benjamin H. Groh, Martin Friedl∗, Andre G. Linarth, and Elli AngelopoulouAdvanced Real-time Indoor Parking Localization based on Semi-Static Objectsdescarga
Thomas Willemsen, Friedrich Keller, and Harald SternbergConcept for building a smartphone based indoor localization systemdescarga
Ricardo Anacleto, Lino Figueiredo, Ana Almeida, and Paulo NovaisLocalization system for pedestrians based on sensor and information fusiondescarga

Special Session 17-PRGBDDF - Probabilistic RGBD Data Fusion

Gerhard Kurz, and Uwe D. Hanebeck2D and 3D Image Stabilization for Robotic Beating Heart Surgerydescarga
Timm Linder, and Kai O. ArrasMulti-Model Hypothesis Tracking of Groups of People in RGB-D Datadescarga
Florian Faion, Antonio Zea, and Uwe D. HanebeckReducing Bias in Bayesian Shape Estimationdescarga

Special Session 18-ADKF - Advances in Distributed Kalman Filtering

Jĭŕı Ajgl, Miroslav Šimandl, Marc Reinhardt, Benjamin Noack, and Uwe D. HanebeckCovariance Intersection in State Estimation of Dynamical Systemsdescarga
Jĭŕı Ajgl and Miroslav ŠimandlLinear Fusion of Estimators with Gaussian Mixture Errors under Unknown Dependencesdescarga
Felix Govaers, and Marianne WilmsDistributed Bearings–Only Tracking Using the Federated Kalman Filterdescarga
Wolfgang Koch, and Felix GovaersOn Decorrelated Track-to-Track Fusion based on Accumulated State Densitiesdescarga
Chee-Yee Chong, Shozo Mori, Felix Govaers, and Wolfgang KochComparison of Tracklet Fusion and Distributed Kalman Filter for Track Fusiondescarga
Marc Reinhardt, Benjamin Noack, Sanjeev Kulkarni, and Uwe D. HanebeckDistributed Kalman Filtering in the Presence of Packet Delays and Lossesdescarga
Zhansheng Duan, X. Rong Li, and U. D. HanebeckMulti-sensor Distributed Estimation Fusion Using Minimum Distance Sumdescarga
Benjamin Noack, Marc Reinhardt, and Uwe D. HanebeckOn Nonlinear Track-to-track Fusion with Gaussian Mixturesdescarga

Special Session 19-EOGT - Extended Object and Group Tracking

B. Errasti-Alcala, and P. BracaTrack Before Detect Algorithm for Tracking Extended Targets applied to Real-World Data of X-band Marine Radardescarga
Karl Granström, Antonio Natale, Paolo Braca, Giovanni Ludeno, and Francesco SerafinoPHD Extended Target Tracking Using an Incoherent X-band Radar: Preliminary Real-World Experimental Resultsdescarga
Karl Granström, Stephan Reuter, Daniel Meissner, and Alexander ScheelA multiple model PHD approach to tracking of cars under an assumed rectangular shapedescarga
Pietro Morerio, Lucio Marcenaro, and Carlo S. RegazzoniA Generative Superpixel Methoddescarga
Alexander Scheel, Karl Granströmy, Daniel Meissner, Stephan Reuter, and Klaus DietmayerTracking and Data Segmentation Using a GGIW Filter with Mixture Clusteringdescarga
Huanlong Zhang, Shiqiang Hu, Lingkun Luo, and Xiaolu KeObject Tracking using 2DLPP Manifold Learningdescarga
Jian Lan, and X. Rong LiJoint Tracking and Classification of Non-Ellipsoidal Extended Object Using Random Matrixdescarga
Lifan Sun, Jian Lan, and X. Rong LiJoint Tracking and Classification of Extended Object Based on Support Functionsdescarga
Guanghua Zhang, Feng Lian, and Chongzhao HanCBMeMBer filters for nonstandard targets, I: Extended targetsdescarga
Guanghua Zhang, Feng Lian, and Chongzhao HanCBMeMBer filters for nonstandard targets, II: Unresolved targetsdescarga
Markus Schütz, Nils Appenrodt, Jürgen Dickmann, and Klaus DietmayerMultiple extended objects tracking with object-local occupancy grid mapsdescarga
Lifan Sun, Jian Lan, and X. Rong LiModeling for Tracking of Complex Extended Object Using Minkowski Additiondescarga
Daniel Sigalov, Tomer Michaeli, and Yaakov OshmanSimultaneous Tracking and Data Association in an Extended Maneuvering Target Using the IMM Methodologydescarga
Antonio Zea, Florian Faion, and Uwe D. HanebeckTracking Connected Objects Using Interacting Shape Modelsdescarga

Special Session 20-TFI - Trust in Fused Information

Lance Kaplan, Murat Şensoy, and Geeth de MelTrust Estimation and Fusion of Uncertain Information by Exploiting Consistencydescarga
Ulaş Yüksel, Hasan Sözer, and Murat ŞensoTrust-based Fusion of Classifiers for Static Code Analysisdescarga
Robert Canavan, Chidambar Ganesh, and Bill MatuszakEvolution of Fusion in Navy Tactical Systemsdescarga
Zuxing Li, and Tobias J. OechteringDifferential Privacy in Parallel Distributed Bayesian Detectionsdescarga
S. Sikdar, S. Adalı, M. Amin, T. Abdelzaher, K. Chan, J.-H. Cho, B. Kang, and J. O’DonovanFinding True and Credible Information on Twitterdescarga

(c) 2013 BISITE Research Group Salamanca, Spain 2013